Chairman’s Introduction

Governance continues to be crucial to any company’s future development. The Board recognises that good governance:

  • can help create value by reducing the risks that we face as we seek to create value for our shareholders; and
  • can be used to support our values and behaviours.

A good governance framework can provide solid foundations from which to support leadership, accountability, transparency and disclosure. Strong systems and processes for informed decision-making ensure that the Board and its Committees are provided with:

  • clear agendas and timely information that is delivered through good quality briefing materials;
  • information that covers all relevant factors;

and consequently that our deliberations consider the risks, as well as the opportunities, inherent in the topics before us.

The Company has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance (“QCA”) Corporate Governance Code (the “QCA Code”). This statement sets out how the Company complies with the QCA’s Ten Principles of Corporate Governance.

Chris Spencer, Non-Executive Chairman

Last reviewed on 31 August 2019

QCA Code Principles and how we comply